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The Best Things About Using the Air Fryer

You have to know that cooking through the use of the air fryer is one healthier choice than deep frying which makes use of oil. Know that the hot air fryers actually use such heated air rather than hot oil for cooking food. The best air fryers for the home would use of the rapid air technology for frying food with only a little or no oil.

So how should you cook through utilizing the heated air? In order to be more exact, it is quickly moving the heated air. Know that the modern kitchen appliance is being fitted with such heating element and a fan. You should know that the heating element actually heats up such enclosed air that is inside the machine and then the fan blows the hot air around it. You have to understand that the food is actually cooked through the moving air which strikes from various directions. Surely, this works just like the convection oven because this cooks using hot air.

You must also know that there are two kinds of such air frying machines in the market and there is one type that uses the cooking basket while the other would use the non-stick bowl as well as the paddle. So which must you get and find the right air fryer that you can use at home? A very popular brand that uses the cooking basket is the Philips hot air fryer. You must know that there are two models which are available in the US and they are the digital version and the manual hot air cooker. The maximum temperature is about 390 F but the digital model comes with a maximum timer of sixty minutes. Know that the manual air frying machine comes with a maximum of 30 minutes timer only.

You should also realize that such is quite easy to use. You will just have to put those food ingredients in the basket that sits on the drip drawer pan and you must push the basket into the machine. In order to let the cooking process begin, then you will have to set the timer and also the temperature.

You should then shake the food halfway through the cooking process and such is required to allow the food to cook evenly. For the paddle type of air fryer, there is just one brand that you can find at the moment. Such model uses the paddle to stir the food around during the cooking process. This would get rid of such need to provide the food the shake it needs. If you are going to buy an air fryer, then you must ensure that you read those product reviews so that you will find the right one to go for.
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