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Benefits of Boston Consumer lawyers When one is harassing you and threatening you it can take away the peace in your life. This lawyer will come up with strategies either to get back the money that you have loaned out or to protect you from creditors. Consumer protection attorney handles a broad range of areas such as product liability, false advertising, consumer fraud and other business scams. When someone uses your credit card without your consent or knowledge that is known as credit card fraud. A consumer protection lawyer practices consumer protection and can assist advocate for a client’s rights in civil lawsuits or disputes to make sure that businesses are following rules and regulations. These forms of harassment can include when a debtor keeps calling you before eight o’clock in the morning, and after nine o’clock, he or she insists on threats of physical harm or violence, threats of arrest or imprisonment using obscene language, when the debt collector keeps calling you with the intention of annoying you or harassing, continuing communication even after you have made it clear to you to cease humiliating or publicly displaying your debts. When you go through this kind of harassment from the debt collectors you can consider hiring a debt harassment lawyer. If the client has recorded statements or phone calls and even notes the lawyer will help the client in drafting letters representing verification of the debt.
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People experience financial issues at some point in their life. If the debt collector has not sent a notice summarizing debt within five days of opening communications and has also made false statements or has misrepresented the notice or has asked you to pay more than owed or added fees or interest beyond the initial debt amount this debtor is violating his or her client’s legal rights. In such situations, one needs to turn to a lawyer that will help you protect your rights. The lawyer will as well make you understand that you have the right to check out damages when your rights have been violated.
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The firm makes sure that all clients are afforded adequate legal representation and is comfortable. The rights protection law groups PLLC treat their customers with respect and clients love that and trust them with their claims. This is a huge advantage to them because they get a lot of contracts from troubled clients since they are a trusted firm. In society rely on the law firm to solve misunderstanding between them or when there is trespass, they can provide arbitration between the individual to have mutual understanding and reconcile them hence save stress and trauma.