5 Lessons Learned: Preparations

Taking a Contractor License Exam

By doing exam revision three weeks before the exam arrives, you greatly increase the chances of passing. In doing the studies, you should have the having the most recent copy of the candidate information bulletin. When you have it, use its outline of the contents for specific examination based on the study you are under taking. Statistics show that examination candidates who take advantage of the third party high-quality materials have better chances of passing the exams on their first try. When looking for these materials, therefore, look for the ones that cover all the topics in the content outline. In order to understand the recommended references, it is important you study the materials. If you are not familiar with a question or a topic, speed and efficiency of finding the information will increase the chances of you finding the answer.

It is also important to take study notes. Putting the information you are reading on paper will increase the chance of you remembering it. New terms and concepts that you come across during your study should be discussed with colleagues. This is crucial in ensuring that you test your understanding and also reinforces your learning. Effectiveness in the studies can only be enhanced if they are frequently done. However, it has been proved that the potential for learning declines if one studies for longer than an hour.

Candidate Information bulletin is critical in enabling you to make in the exams for contractor license. Some of the contents that will be found in the candidate information bulletin include exam classifications, exam content outlines, and reference books. Also exam dates, sample questions, cost of the exams, exam center locations, exam applications, the number of questions in each exams and exam applications. Some bulletins might contain information on the required pass marks and the sites that you can apply for the exams.

Reference books during review are critical. The list of the reference materials can be found in the candidate information bulletin. You require these materials to succeed in the exams and also the knowledge you gain can be used to better your business. Technical book stores such as the retail bookstores, community college bookstore are some of the places that you can obtain the reference books. You can also obtain these books from construction specialty stores or from online vendors such as Amazon. Even though you will some of the reference books that you require in these stores, you might not find all of them. The reference books also should be according to the recommendation of the exam administrators.

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